Gaian Gameworlds

Why don’t you already know about gameworlds?

Think about that question for a second…

If understanding gameworlds is as important as we claim, why haven’t you ever studied about gameworlds in a class at school?

If you were designing a modern educational curriculum, why would you avoid including such a powerful subject as ‘gameworlds’ even at the university level?

Possibly it is due to simple ignorance… “ We never thought of it before…”

On the other hand, gameworlds are social organisms. Like any organism they try to defend themselves against being messed with. A university is a gameworld… If you were a university, would you empower your own customers (the students) to be able to reinvent your traditions, rules, context, and purpose? Probably not…

Not knowing a Distinction does not mean that the Distinction is not seriously influencing your life.

‘Gameworld’ is a distinction. Let’s dive into this.

We human beings interact with each other through social systems called ‘Gameworlds’.

Each Gameworld has a context, distinctions, values, rules-of-engagement (how to play the game), and an intended outcome.

For example, one gameworld in modern culture is called Post Office. The way to play Post Office is to bring your package to a Post Office building. There you stand silently in line until one of the government workers has time to help you. You fill out the address form in the proper way including the Postal Code, then pay what they ask, and “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” slows the couriers from delivering your mail. The purpose of the Post Office gameworld is to make a profit. How do you know? Because if the Post Office delivers your mail on time but does not make a profit this governmental service must be shut down or privatized.

In the Post Office Gameworld you might want to pay with a credit card. But Credit Card is a different gameworld! How do you play the gameworld called Credit Card? You hand the person behind the cash register a plastic card with your name and account number on it, and a microchip inside. Then your bank transfers numbers from your bank account into the Post Office bank account. However, to play in the gameworld of Credit Card you must already be playing in the gameworld called Bank Account.

And to play in the Bank Account Gameworld you must first be playing in the Earning Money to Survive Gameworld. How do you play in the money Gameworld? It is a religion. To play in the money Gameworld you need to Believe that certain papers and coins, and more recently, digits in a computer program, have value. Then you have to acquire some of these papers or digits. How? One way is to make an agreement with someone else who already has money to give you a certain amount of it per hour if you do whatever they tell you to do, even if you do not like what you are doing. Other ways to get money include spending your time and attention trying to own properties whose ‘value increases’, or to win at gambling games such as trading stocks and options, or investing in digital currencies or Non-Fungible Tokens.

The Earning Money to Survive Gameworld has the purpose of making profit for the company stockholders Gameworld, and for paying taxes to the government Gameworld so that the government can pay people to work in the Post Office Gameworld.

Most Gameworlds in modern culture are win-lose games played with the intention to ‘maximize profit’ through ‘externalizing costs’ to future generations, third world countries, or Gaia.

It turns out that if you change even one rule-of-engagement in a Gameworld you create an entirely new Gameworld. For example, the Gameworld of soccer uses one ball and two teams. If you added one more ball, or if you allow players to use bicycles, or whips, or if you add that each team can bring in one camel, it would change the Gameworld entirely.

This means that all the players in a Gameworld must agree to play by the rules-of-engagement of that Gameworld or they are not allowed to play in the Gameworld.

Put a tennis player into a soccer team and you end up with a net across the field.

In the Gameworld of soccer, whichever team puts the most number of balls into a net at the other end of the field ‘wins’. But who really ‘makes a profit’ from soccer are the corporate owners of the team and the media advertisers during soccer games.

Human beings make up a Gameworld and then step into its Rules Of Engagement, and within seconds we start behaving as if the Rules Of Engagement are true! Even though a moment before we arbitrarily created the Rules out of nothing!

If you do not know that a Gameworld is a ‘Gameworld’, then you think it is reality. (It is not.)

If you think a Gameworld is real then you behave as if you are imprisoned in the Gameworlds of society. (You are not.)

You support the values of every Gameworld you play in.

Either you consciously design each Gameworld you live in, or you are used as an unconscious pawn in someone else’s Gameworld.

It’s not bad, being a pawn. Psychopaths need pawns… millions of them.

Taking Radical Responsibility for consciously designing, building, and inhabiting the Gameworlds you live in gives you so much freedom of movement that you become a Possibilitator, an Edgeworker, a Riftwalker, a Gameworld Builder.

Don’t be left behind playing in a stupid Gameworld.


To update R. Buckminster Fuller’s oft repeated observation, we say, “You never change things by fighting against the existing Gameworlds. You change things by building new Gameworlds that make the existing Gameworlds irrelevant.”

Mr. Fuller originally said that building new Gameworlds makes the existing Gameworlds obsolete… but by now it should be nauseatingly obvious to you that existing Gameworlds are already obsolete.

You want to create a project where you can work, play, and be with a like-minded team of social entrepreneurs, edgeworkers and change agents?

You are not sure if it is a training center, an alternative school program, an unconference, a nanonation, an educational community, or a not-for-profit?

You’ve probably heard the phrase (from the film Field Of Dreams): “Build it and they will come.”

What you might not have heard is: “If you don’t build it, nobody even has a chance to come!”

By building a Gameworld you take a stand for what you have taken a stand for by being born.

Your Gameworld is a platform where other people can co-create with you the more beautiful world your hearts know is possible!


There is a high cost to introducing new jargon. One man recently wrote:

“I’m curious why you’re choosing to use the word ‘gameworld’ when the word ‘institution’ already exists?

It seems a bit problematic to me in some ways:

  • Using different language to commonly understood words makes Possibility Management more ‘other’ and hence less accessible.
  • The word “gameworld” strongly associates PM with the geeky gaming subculture.
  • It will sound immature or childish to many people, again potentially alienating some.
  • It makes it seem to me that PM can’t quite handle the hard reality of institutions, needing to ‘gamify’ things instead

What about using the already-existing term ‘institution’ instead?”

Here are some ideas we consider about this:

Is WhatsApp an institution? Is a relationship an institution? A Marathon run? A family? A culture? A movie production team? A blues band? A SCUBA Diving club? A bicycle repair shop? A Permaculture project? etc. Each of these are just as much a Gameworld as modern culture’s familiar banks, multinational corporations, armies, churches, public schools, governments, police forces, ‘economy-realities’, and Starbucks franchises. Each and every gameworld is unique, yet each and every gameworld is made from the same components, including a Context, the Rules Of Engagement, a Codex, the 4 Archetypal Lineages, and its semi-permeable membrane. Each Gameworld is just as arbitrary and no more ‘hard reality’ than a few children setting up a temporary ‘cowboys and indians’ playspace Gameworld. All Gameworlds are temporary.

Realizing that civilization’s ‘institutions’ are mere Gameworlds is a wake-up call to realize that you have been giving your center and authority away to false assumptions, to habitual thinking, to imaginary constructs.

The capitalist patriarchal empire’s Gameworlds have enslaved the minds and hearts of many human beings for thousands of years. Does this prove that these particular Gameworlds are the ‘real’ Gameworlds? No. It proves that uninitiated human beings are gullible and naïve.

You support the values of every gameworld you play in, regardless of whether you play in a gameworld consciously or unconsciously. By using the distinction ‘Gameworld’ you gain the power to choose wisely about the Gameworlds you play in. You also gain the power to build new Gameworlds that make existing gameworlds irrelevant.

Who can create and own an institution? Only those holding power positions behind-the-scenes in the ruling regime.

Who can create and own a Gameworld? Any group of three or more gameworld builders.

The power in using the distinction ‘Gameworld’ is that it makes the global playing field equal. Anyone who has the awareness and talent and commitment to build a Gameworld can build a legitimate Gameworld. Even if only three people in the entire world have ever heard of or participate in a particular Gameworld, it is still a legitimate Gameworld.

Using the term ‘Gameworld’ for all the Gameworlds we humans build and interact with each other through, opens up tremendous possibilities for personal and cultural evolution. Right now, in this time in human history, we seriously need both personal evolution and cultural evolution.


If a Gameworld does not sustain and regenerate the complex delicate interconnected ecosystems of life on Earth — the ecosystems of Gaia — then the Gameworld is a parasite on Gaia, sucking away the lifeblood of Gaia and giving only toxic waste in return.

Almost every single Gameworld of the modern capitalistic patriarchal empire is a parasitic Gameworld.

The standard modern-culture Gameworld design is hierarchical. The top-down, ‘command-and-control’ paradigm harvests the creation force of those below and vacuums the benefits upwards to the ‘owners and rulers’ of the Gameworld. This paradigm is centered on child-level responsibility, making huge messes and long-term costs with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up.

Modern culture Gameworlds are suicidal because they are exterminating their host — Gaia.


Human beings can conceive of things that have no relationship to reality. For example, it is easy for a modern educated human being to conceive of ‘one apple’.

However, there is no such thing as ‘one apple’!

Apples can only exist in a web of interconnected ecosystems that include thriving fungus in the soil that help apple tree roots absorb minerals and moisture, consistent sunshine and weather patterns, other apple trees and flying insects for pollination, etc. The Gaian field of apple trees uses apple fruit to manipulate humans and other animals to transport apple seeds to other locations and to plant the seeds on fertile soil with enough organic fertilizer to grow more apple trees. There is no such thing as ‘one apple’. It is a singularly human delusion to think that way, not to mention suicidal.

If human beings could live without being dependent on good clean nutritious food, air, and water — meaning, if human beings could exist outside of Gaia’s sophisticated interconnected ecosystems — then building and living in Gameworlds that do not nourish Gaia would be possible.

But we don’t. And it isn’t.

We have been so naïve and gullible, so fooled by our minds. We exterminate ourselves by killing off ecosystems. It could be the end of us.

Here are new global laws for Gameworld design, effective immediately.


1. Any Gameworld that does not nourish the diversity and complexity of Gaia’s precious ecosystems is hereby banished from the Earth.

2. Anyone participating in a non-Gaian Gameworld is hereby regarded as criminally insane.

3. Anyone enforcing the rule of law of a non-Gaian Gameworld is fighting for ecocide and has therefore already forfeited their life.

These were always the rules for human Gameworlds on Gaia. We have been teenagers, trying to ignore the rules. That time is over.


Next culture Gameworlds — Archearchy Gameworlds — are organic in their design. They originate in Gaia. They serve the health of Gaia. They create value for Gaia. They serve the evolutionary Context of Gaia. They are designed in the image of Gaia.

Archearchal Gameworlds have interconnected and interdepending relationships with other Archearchal Gameworlds.

The Org Chart of an Archearchal Gameworld looks like a sea sponge, or an old-growth mother tree, in contrast with the a hierarchical pyramid Org Charts of modern culture Gameworlds.

The Source of a Gaian Gameworld is the soil, Bright Principles, Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.), and the Archetypal Lineages of the Team.

We have been trained in Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.) to believe that the Source is the ‘boss’, the ‘owner’, the ‘landlord’, the ‘Chief Executive Officer’, the ‘Shareholders’, the ‘King, ordained by God’.

We have been told that corporations can be persons, that corporations can be responsible, that corporations can own land or mineral rights, that corporations can lobby the lawmakers, that absentee ownership is allowed, that it is possible to be an employee, that it is possible for someone to represent someone else. As a result, even NGOs are taken over by psychopathic personalities because they use hierarchical power structures. Boy, have we been gullible…

It is time to reorient yourself from Patriarchy to Archearchy. It is time to upgrade your Thoughtware and Start Over.

Participants in a Gaian Gameworld are Collaborators. Collaborators take Radical Responsibility for the Gameworld to thrive. For the Gameworld to thrive, Gaia needs to thrive.

The prototype archearchal power structure is the Torus (a donut shape) made out of Circles within Circles, and Circles on the Circles that are called ‘Nodes’.

The Circles do not have to be equal in size, or equal in distance from the ‘roots’.

The Circles are not concentric, for example, where the ‘inner circle’ takes ‘more responsibility’ than the ‘outer circles’. That would simply be more hierarchy in disguise.

The shape is a multi-channel funnel with the ‘roots’ being a Circle of people energized by simultaneously loving each other, loving the Gameworld, and loving to care for Gaia. They are the ‘Infinity Ring’.

The Infinity Ring takes care to feed the Gameworld from Gaia, and to feed Gaia from the Gameworld.

It is easy to confuse the food sources as the higher part of the hierarchy, but the food source is actually the roots.

Each new funnel growing out of the trunk is a project, called a ‘Node’. The Node is a Circle of people taking Radical Responsibility for decisions relating to the Node. Whoever has resistance to a decision from a Node automatically joins that Node to reconsider the decision. Complex Nodes may have their own Infinity Ring to make sure every part of the Node is fed and that things are in balance.

Torus Technology procedures apply, which include:

The result is a holistic decentralize, multi-intelligence, 3D organism that feeds Gaia.

The question for you is how can you and your Team jungle-gym yourselves so that this thing flies and that you are not limited by or frozen into the diagram?

Archearchal Gameworlds can be very confusing for people using modern culture Thoughtware because they think that the only thing that has value is money, when actually money has no value at all. What is the actual value of your gameworld for the world? If you are not clear on how your Gameworld serves to reinforce, protect, and regenerate the nested ecosystems of Gaia, you may be in a parasitic Gameworld.

The Infinity Ring is equipped with all Four Archetypal Lineages activated: Gameworld Builder, Evolutionaries, Guardians, Village Weavers. They cannot be dissuaded from taking Radical Responsibility for the Gameworld thriving.

Value is created as the Gaian Gameworld exchanges value through critical connections with other communities of Gaian Gameworld practice to create a field of influence for regenerating the diversity of interdepending ecological systems of Gaia.

Thinking that everyone is responsible assures that no one is responsible, and the Gameworld collapses.

Members of the Infinity Ring and the Nodes observe themselves in the Gameworld to see what is happening without being asked, without permission, without anybody’s knowledge. The Nodes feed Gaia through their Gameworld and also feed the complex interconnected ecology of Gaian Gameworlds, while Gaia feeds the Gameworld.



Originator of trainings, author, possibilitator, fun-raiser, memetic engineer.

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