Five bodies, four feelings, three worlds, two dramas, and one simple truth, from Possibility Management

by Clinton Callahan, Possibility Psychologist


When your Being is reordered by a new Distinction (that “Ahah!” experience), you gain new Clarity. Clarity is a golden key in the healing process because the internal changed wrought by one new Distinction can open a Doorway to a whole new space of Possibility.


The delusion that a human being is a mind carried through its day on a Physical Body is so integrated into modern culture thoughtware, that considering anything different requires winning a significant inner battle. Dare you risk being called esoteric, cultish, weird, or anti-social? Yet, if you lower your Numbness Bar even partially, the abundance of natural, subtle sensations arriving from your 5-body sense organs is astonishing.
These sensations pour through you even now, in this moment. How are you blocking them? Fierce Self-Observation will step-by-step provide Clarity about that.


Dr. Eric Berne, originator of Transactional Analysis, used a map of feelings that was originated by Valerie Lankford. Ms. Lankford suggested that all human emotion could be divided into four categories: anger, sadness, joy and fear. Using her thoughtmap we suddenly gained Clarity about feelings. There are four feelings! This is tremendous Clarity (especially for men!).
Further research brought us the astonishing discovery that there is a universe of difference between FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, and it is simple and easy to tell the difference.


The baker pays the price of no longer having an ordinary relationship to sleeping at night so that we can have hot rolls in the morning. The surgeon pays the price of no longer having an ordinary relationship to the human body so he or she can slice open bodies and sew them back together again safely for our benefit. In the same way, a Healer pays a price to be a Healer. The price is this: A Healer has Clarity about things that people of other professions do not have. For example, the Healer knows that there are only two things in life: Bullshit, and Nothing.


Dr. Stephen Karpman mapped human interactions in the Drama Triangle in 1968. The Drama Triangle shows how most of our day-to-day interactions are simply unconscious role-playing in one of three characters: Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer.


The Map Of Possibility starts with a single vertical line declaring that whatever happens is completely neutral. This declaration is the only true thing on the Map Of Possibility. Nonetheless, you are a human being. Human beings do not leave things neutral. Instead you are ongoingly creating. You create by making stories about what happens. You give what happens meaning.


Most Western therapeutic modalities are framed within Greco-Roman linear logic and Freudian / Jungian psychoanalytical assumptions. Most Eastern therapeutic modalities are framed within Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist worldviews. Most Southern therapeutic modalities are framed within Native American ayahuasca, sweatlodge, visionquest indigenous modalities. Without realizing it you may have unnecessarily limited your healing effectiveness to one of these frames. You do not have to. Without having to change your overall approach, you can amplify your chosen healing path by connecting in with the domain of Clarity. Clarity has the power to create sudden Possibility even in the murkiest of conditions leading to transformation and the evolution of consciousness.

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